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Move to php5, login and registration improvements

Well I have been off working on a new pixelhomes site, so haven’t been working much in the colonies lately.

I just upgraded everything to php 5, as I realised I was using pretty outdated wamp server stuff, so now some of the new cool stuff in php 5 can be used on the game.

I have also been playing around with jQuery a bit, so now we have a super cool new registration page, and login, which should be more robust, and hopefully user friendly.

I am really hoping to get the game open again (this time for good) soon, so I can see some people playing :)

Market system is finally starting to work a bit better

The market system is quite complex, and may even be badly written, but it works, and I have been improving it a bit this last few days, to make it a bit easier to use and more secure.

Because the market is really the backbone of the game, when it is finished, I may put the game back online.

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Oops forum deleted, DOH!

Well I acceidently uploaded a fresh install of phpbb forum instead of the update. Glad no one is using it yet really. Lesson learned there :)

Currently working on: Market system, and forum :)
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Currently pondering: Creating a shared login between site and forums, so users are auto logged in and registered with forums.

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